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Acting as your IT department, we take full responsibility for all information technology to keep you in business.

  • 01 Acting as your IT department

    We take full responsibility for all information technology to keep you in business.

  • We have a true vested interest in helping them expand their business by the implementation of technology that's right for them; right for their people, right for their finances, right for their operational capacity, and right for their strategic aims.

  • Is designed around the needs of businesses without their own effective in-house IT function who prefer to focus management energies elsewhere.

  • Means we are more than happy to take full responsibility for our customer's overall IT requirements; providing for the delivery of day to day end user support, through to long term strategic direction and guidance at board leve



Combing a high level of technical expertise with an underlying commercial awareness of the 'real world' in which SME's operate, we offer a range of consulting services encompassing the following:

  • Cloud

    We've not only implemented Cloud technologies for several years now, both in the UK and internationally, but we continue to support the end users running these services for many of our clients.

    We know where it works well and where it doesn't, we know how to transition from on premise to Cloud (and vice versa) without disruption, and, if you want us to, we know how best to support everything once its' up and running. Equally, we have the expertise in designing, developing, deploying and supporting customised Cloud based application based on Microsoft CRM, SharePoint, Azure and .Net.

    No matter what, it's true to say that Cloud Computing is one of today's hot topics but it isn't the answer some would have you believe ... like everything, it has its strengths and it has its weaknesses ... in knowing what these are is fundamental to deploying Cloud based solutions successfully.

  • We work in close partnership with clients to design a technology infrastructure that is specific to their organisation and their evolving needs. Whether setting up a new infrastructure, expanding a current one, or replacing aging technologies, we provide the design and delivery skills required to partner with you from initial briefing to project completion.

    We have experience of installing and managing a wide range of IT environments for a broad range of clients, in different sectors, and at different stages of business maturity.

    As always, our focus is on the creation of a robust, scalable, flexible environment upon the business can rely and flourish. The right solution is as individual as your business and your brand. Defining, designing and delivering such solutions are one of our core skills.

  • The benefits of virtualisation are well documented, and the technology has morphed across many operational areas and has become a key tool to enable companies to achieve more with their existing IT systems, resources and budget.

    When it comes to making strategic and tactical decisions which will ultimately impact the end users performance and productivity there is no substitute to working with Omnia to ensure that your virtualisation vision can be realised.

    But how do you determine the right approach for virtualisation? Which components of virtualisation should you consider for your business, whilst ensuring that any existing investments in desktop and application technologies are maximised? Where do you start? At Omnia we provide businesses with an end-to-end virtualisation solution from advisory through professional services to service desk from a pool of consultants steeped with experience.

    The services we offer around tiered virtualisation are:

    Tiered virtualisation advisory

    Our experience and creditability within the virtualisation sector is second to none and it is our impartial stance to technology that allows us to be pragmatic and ensure we advise you on the correct vision for your business. We will help you understand the business impacts, technology impact and political implication of virtualisation from the desktop to the datacentre.

    Tiered virtualisation professional services

    So you know the element(s) of virtualisation you want to deliver, we can help you. We have the ability to deliver against the three main players across the board for virtualisation solutions and the associated technologies that make them work even better. We offer a complete solution from an internal pool of consultants without the need to call on associates to deliver.

  • Omnia focus on solutions from HP and Cisco for networking. With the advent of the converged infrastructure, many clients are looking to the most appropriate design to deliver their business requirement. At Omnia we understand fully that such a design is more often than not the crucial lynch-pin in any IT infrastructure as the network is the cohesive element which enables today's integrated technologies to function efficiently and effectively.

  • With over 10 years experience of defining and implementing security policies, we are fully versed in the ever changing types of issues faced by small and medium sized businesses.

    Specifying effective security policies and solutions that meet the needs of the business without impacting usability requires expert input. As systems become increasingly interconnected, the potential threats to sensitive business data have increased dramatically.

    Coupled with this, the explosion of smart phones, tablets, removable media, and an often mobile workforce requiring quick and reliable access to data mean that the tools needed to effectively manage and secure data (be it at rest or in transit) are more critical than ever. In parallel, it is getting easier for employees to copy and remove sensitive data unhindered.

    Our in depth experience ensures that we understand the evolving nature of such threats, and, more importantly, that we understand how best to protect clients from new threats as they arise.

  • The provision of business sensitive data to a mobile workforce in a timely, secure and effective manner is if anything reducing in technical complexity these days, though that's not to say it's right.

    Today's IT Director / Manager secretly knows all too well the ease with which even the most non technical users can get their emails delivered to their own mobile device, often without appropriate authority, and invariably in a unsecure format.

    At Omnia, we have the experience and the expertise of a wide range of 'mobile' technologies and associated devices to enable us to advise, design, implement and support solutions appropriate to the needs of business..... the provision of secure, controlled, useable information at reasonable cost.

  • In reality, we recognise that few businesses can justify a business recovery plan which replicates every single aspect of their existing infrastructure. So the skill in such planning is first understanding the business such that we are able to understand the trade off between the level of protection delivered and the absolute cost of the plan.

    So whether constructing a day to day (on or off site) backup policy, a business continuity plan, or a full blown, business wide disaster recovery methodology, we first get to know how you work.

    Every client is different, every industry is different. Put simply, our role is to help clients arrive at an intelligent, commercial trade off between protection levels and cost.


The success of any project is to some extent dependent on the project delivery model, but more so, we understand that it's fundamentally a consequence of the abilities and attitude of those tasked with project ownership itself. As always, the right people are the key.

We have people that deliver projects not based on a static project plan, but rather, based in the real world where things constantly change and evolve and where being able to think with clarity and focus on your feet is essential; in essence it's about being able to deal with whatever it takes and still deliver a solution on time, on budget, and most importantly, with minimal pain to the business.

Naturally, our capabilities in terms of project delivery are reflected in our consulting expertise:

  • Cloud
  • Infrastructure
  • Virtualisation
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Citrix
  • Mobility
  • Business continuity
  • Communications
  • Software development.


  • 01 The Challenge

    reducing communications costs, increasing staff productivity, improving operational efficiency and building competitive advantage is a tough one - especially in organizations where the issues are complex and where change itself can carry a heavy price tag.

  • with the right technology it is possible to converge voice, data, and video facilitates into a business centric tool; one that allows for an appropriate mix (IM, video, voice, email ) of communication medium to best suit the end user circumstances.

  • Is solely via a telephony based system or via a computer based platform such as Microsoft's latest Lync solution, or more likely the integration of the two, is very much dependent on a client's personal circumstances ... no matter what, at Omnia we can accommodate all three scenarios.


Software design and consultancy

Typically, IT companies have expertise in either platform infrastructure or platform development ... in simple terms, their skills lie in either the technology infrastructure on which the software runs, or in the development of the software itself. This 'split' approach can easily lead to a point of disconnect for the customer where an often expensive application fails to meet the businesses needs and expectations due to a lack of ownership by the providers of the whole solution.

At Omnia we not only have strong software design, development and consultancy skills centred on Microsoft's CRM, SharePoint, SQL and .Net platforms, but we have equally strong capabilities in the design, implementation and support of the underlying infrastructure that these application run on. As such, we are able to deliver complete end to end software development services to our clients that really do meet the needs of their businesses in terms of both application functionality and value for money.